About Us

Cherrybrook Music is a professional and passionate music school. We believe in igniting the musical spark within all our students through individually crafted music lessons. As much as our lessons are about learning they are also about having fun and encouraging each and everyones individuality and personal style. Our teachers are all professional working musicians and highly talented teachers.

 Cherrybrook Music strongly believes in creating a fun and positive association with music. Every student is unique and has a different interest, way of learning, ability, and aspirations. With the exploration of each students unique qualities and by creating a fun association with music, we see a huge success rate with our students. Music is an always should be a fun way to express ourselves, this is why we should learn and teach it that way.



Our modern studios are professionally equiped with the best musical equipment, air conditioning, and are professionally sound treated. Cherrybrook Music is the perfect environment for learning your desired instrument and music. Our team are qualified, friendly, passionate, talented, fun, and professional teachers and musicians.

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